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Obsessed With People

August 31, 2008

I can often be heard saying, “If we love God, then we have to love what God loves and God loves people.  If we are going to be passionate about God, then we have to be passionate about what God is passionate about and God is passionate about people.”

At the close of every crazy summer, being on the road and summer programs and responsibilities at church, I begin to feel disjointed and disconnected from people.  This summer was no exception.  I have felt out of sorts for the last week or so.  I felt like there are people who are part of my sphere of influence that the Lord has given me that have become victims of my “summerness”.  So, today on the way home from Dutch Wonderland, I spent a couple hours on the phone texting and calling to get back to the most important thing. People.

I can’t call them all all the time.  I can’t stay in constant touch with everyone like I would like. BUT, I can pay attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit when I need to get back in the game.

There are people that the Lord has put in your path, in your sphere of influence that you need to pay attention to.  God created us as dependent creatures.  We need each other and we need Him at the center.  Don’t let the craziness of life pull you away from that smile, loving note, email, text, letter (these still work too), and a cup of coffee.  You’ve got to draw your boundaries (there are only 24 hours in a day), but when you think, “Man, I need to call that person”, you probably should.

P.S. – This comes from a guy who works hard at this and often doesn’t get it right. So I am with ya!


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  1. Sarah permalink

    this has been alot of my thought as of late.

  2. Relationships are why we are here.
    Miss you!! Love you bro.

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