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Jesus is a friend of mine

September 15, 2008

Yeah buddy, this is good stuff.  I think we’ll get this in the set for next Sunday!  Seriously . . . enjoy!


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  1. Chippy permalink

    Only if you can persuade Barry to wear that groovy outfit. And if you don’t button your shirt up a little more that that guy, I’m shutting the lights down.

    “Chippy is a friend of yours …. “

  2. helen permalink

    Are we really going to sing that on Sunday????? We’ll have to change the dress memo accordingly. Blue dresses for the ladies and blue dress shirts and slacks for the men! Eeeeeewww! You know Scott, I was just starting to get a wild hair (kick drum in my monitor) and now this will change everything! Ha,ha

  3. I am going to the Salvation Army to find my outfit right now!

  4. Megan permalink

    wow, is that for real? haha. and I guess they did wear vests in the 80’s…

  5. Cherie permalink

    Help! Please someone get this song outta my head! 🙂

  6. Megan permalink

    Yeah, this is still stuck in my head. Thanks!

  7. Mike permalink

    WOW!!,…Corn anyone!, And will someone tell meagan the difference between the eighties and the seventies!…lol

  8. Justin permalink

    “Jesus is like a mounty, He always gets his man”….Zap!

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