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"I got rhythm, I got rhythm"

September 22, 2008

Man, O Man!  You guys had your game on yesterday!  Fantastic job gang!  You guys really rocked it! I thought that the choir riser might tip over with all of the dancing!  What an amazing time in worship!  

I appreciate your time and dedication!  You guys really work hard!

The Lord is on the move and is up to some really amazing things in the life of our church.  You guys are such a powerful part of what God is doing!

Love you guys,



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  1. Helen permalink

    I can’t comment for the rest of the group on the risers, but I know I was in a great mood because we WEREN’T singing “Jesus is a friend of mine”! (ha,ha)
    The songs we sang were great ones and Tim, Megan, Cat and Scott lead the songs beautifully. Bonny really did a great job with Shout to the Lord! I know I had a great time singing and dancing for Jesus!

  2. Megan permalink

    Is the updated version of that song “I am a friend of God?” Or is it “I am afraid of God”… I can’t remember 🙂

  3. Helen permalink

    Just a thought……..I started giggling on the way home from church today wondering what we all would have done if Barry came to church today with his head shaved??????? (Like Rico) I only thought that because Barry IS just as good as Rico!

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