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Turn Up The Volume: Those Who Need You

October 13, 2008

Matthew 5 and 6

l  Be Attitudes

l  Being a light to those around us

l  Dealing with those who know us

l  Dealing with those who persecute or hate us

l  Tonight – People who need us


Could have opened with many stories of great need


You might ask who needs me?  What do I have to offer?


What I find that we as westerners are really asking is  – What is in it for me? How do I benefit?  We get a very distorted view of need.


I need a new pair of shoes, I need to get something to eat, I need to take a nap, I need to go see the new movie.  I need.

financial difficulty – much of it is a trapping of our standard of living.

We get in the shape we are in because of our poor decisions and lack of planning.


Luke 10:25 “what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

                        Jesus tells him to love God and Love people – “Do this and you will live”

                        He then asks TO JUSTIFY HIMSELF “who is my neighbor?”

***“How much to do I have to do to get what I want?”


There really is a deeper need.


You are in need.  And we face people all around us every day that are in need.

We are called to them to shine the light of Christ in ways that reveal Him.


2 Main Issues for all People

Identity and purpose – 1st John 3:1 – We are His kids

l  Played out in Luke 10:27 – ties us to purpose. We are created for this relationship  – Love Him with ALL and live it among community


Security – We all face difficulty – financial, physical, emotional, spiritual

l  We were designed to face it together

l  It is part of the 2 part command of God – Love your neighbor

  Who? Anyone in need

  We are to meet the needs of people where ever we can

  It is a lifestyle is issue – not what’s in it for me, but what can I do for them

  Matthew 6 – do it because it’s right, not to be seen


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