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What are we to do?

October 16, 2008

Here’s a little Oswald Chambers for us today from “My Upmost for His Highest” (emphasis added is mine)

“How many of us pray without regard to the persons, but with regard to only one Person – Jesus Christ? He owns the harvest that is produced through distress and through conviction of sin.  This is the harvest for which we have to pray that laborers be sent out to reap.  We stay busy at work, while people all around us are ripe and ready to be harvested; we waste our Lord’s time in over-energized activities and programs.  Suppose a crisis were to come into your father’s or your brother’s life – are you there as a laboroer to reap the harvest for Jesus Christ? Is your response, “Oh, but I have a special work to do!” No Christian has a special work to do.  A Christian is called to be Jesus Christ’s own, “a servant [who] is not greater than his master” (John 13:16), and someone who does not dictiate to Jesus Christ what he intends to do.  Our Lord calls us to no special work – He calls us to Himself.  “Pray the Lord of the harvest,” and He will engineer your circumstances to send you out as His laborer.”

I think we often dictate to God or we decide in His name what we are about and are going to do.  We need to remember that our identity is in Him, not our work, hobbies, talents, denomenations, or political parties.  We need to pray and allow the Lord to send us into the circumstances He engineers to reap the harvest.




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  1. A really good word for today.
    Love you.

  2. Amen! Oswald has his heart atuned to the Holy Spirit, as we all have an opportunity to do. You have once again spoken good words to us. When the church stops doing church and allows Jesus to send us out then we can be the church and the gates of hades will not prevail.
    Love to all

  3. chosen.generation permalink

    How exactly would you define “UPmost”? heh heh

  4. chosen.generation permalink

    ps, this is Megan

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