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Here is some killer leadership stuff – READ

October 25, 2008

Take some time to click the link and read the post.  It’s good stuff for us as leaders to be thinking about.

Thanks to Andy Stanley’s for his thoughts posted by Tim Stevens linked from Perry Noble.

  1. cat permalink

    I agree with this… there are people not being reached. They think they know what church is and they want no part of it. They have to be reached some other way, but what way?
    My son went to Reliance Skim School this summer which is run by a great couple whose hearts are for the Lord. I noticed a few kids at the public school I work at wearing the Tshirts given to them by the skim school. I wore my son’s Tshirt to try and see what kind of connection I could make with these kids, but when I asked them where they went to church, not ONE of them said they went. These are the kinds that need intervention, ya think?
    Thanks Scott for the link.
    p.s. where is the Nov/Dec schedule? (I can’t seem to find it on the website)

  2. chosen.generation permalink

    This was great, I thought! But I wonder how the over 45ers feel about not having any good ideas (but instead being the ones to recognize good ones)? It was an interesting thought to ponder.

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