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America and the Church – Decision Time

November 4, 2008

Here we are, it’s the evening of November 3rd and tomorrow we, as a nation, head to the polls.  We will make a decision.  We all have a vote, but it is a national decision.  The inhabitants in this great land will arrive at a conclusion after many months of bickering, backstabbing, hatred, fear, doubt, ambiguousness, loss, and self-centeredness.  Then we will have to move forward to November 5th and live with the decision the nation has made only to prepare for the same process 4 years from now.  America has a decision to make tomorrow.

Yet, so far beyond America’s decision is the one that the church can make in this hour.  So much of the church (the Body) has been entirely hung up in America’s decision, that it is missing the huge, eternal opportunity laid out in front of it.  Given, we must align ourselves with scripture, pray, and vote.  However, it’s not America, Obama, McCain, the Congress, nor the economy that has the final say on us or the move of God.  God alone is God.  God alone has the defining final word.  

So what is our decision in this hour?

Are we as the Body of Christ going look out into the sea of anger, fear, uncertainty, pain, and hatred and through the Great Commission and Great Commandment begin to reap the great harvest?  Where there is great need, there can be great moves of God.  When there is uncertainty and fear, it is the hour that sharing our faith and communicating the love of God is most readily received.  People are hurting, they are afraid, THEY WANT CHANGE.  THEY WANT SOMEONE TO FIX THEIR LIVES.

The deal is neither Obama or McCain can do this.  People at a root level are looking for a Savior.  His name is Jesus.  It’s time for the Church to DECIDE to be the Church.  Love your neighbor, even if they don’t vote like you.  Meet the needs of people – be Jesus with skin on.

I want to make a passionate plea tonight – Pray and Vote, BUT MOREOVER, Rise and BE the church.

  1. So be it! Let the redeemed of the Lord stand up and say so. No more doing church, let’s Rise and Be the church! Amen.

    Love to the family.

  2. YES YES AND AMEN bro!
    …be Jesus with the skin on…

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