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It’s November 5th

November 5, 2008

If you happen to find yourself on the losing or the winning side of the election this morning and you are a follower of Jesus, then let me make an encouragement to you.

Do what we have been needing to do all along.  Get out your towel and take your basin and go wash some feet.

Jesus is still in charge!


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  1. Yes! The best we can do as believers is to PRAY for all our elected officials. Pray and don’t stop…regardless of who you voted for, they still need our prayers and support.

  2. 5minutes permalink

    Yes – Jesus is still in charge. But sometimes, Jesus calls for us to go through 40 years in the desert.

    Our leaders (all of them) deserve our prayers, not our support. We are called to higher standards than blind obedience to any human leader, regardless of party, politics, or persuasion. More importantly, we are called to hold people who identify themselves as Christians to the standard set by scripture.

  3. higherplace permalink

    Thanks for the reply Scott! We definitely need to be praying for our leaders to know Jesus if they don’t, hear His voice, and rely on His wisdom. I also appreciate your thoughts on support. We definitely need to align ourselves with scripture and prayerfully make decisions according to that. The scriptures are and should be our final authority for faith and practice.

    Also, I am so entirely serious about my main point. We need to get out and be the example of Jesus – to lay our lives down – serve. If we truly want to change our government our society, then we have to be serious about the thing that will. Make disciples. If we each one would win one – win our neighbors to Jesus, then transformed people will begin to elect leaders accordingly.

  4. 5minutes permalink

    Oh – I completely agree. We have a scriptural call to pray for our leaders and our country and our communities. One of the points that I like explaining to people is that, as a conservative libertarian, when I see Christ’s call to charity and love – I think of it in terms of it being MY responsibility, not the government’s.

    And, again, this gets back to us. While we are united as a church, we are individual believers. No matter how many denominations and parachurch organizations we can set up, none of it has any power without the individual. This is because our religion is one of an individual, personal acceptance of the Gospel. People may go down the aisle en masse, but salvation occurs on a personal level, through building relationships and spending time in prayer and, when called, fasting.

    Perhaps it’s my rampant individualism and blind acceptance of the concept of personal liberty, but that’s how I see it.

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