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Traffic – Road Rage Study Notes

November 10, 2008

Is it ok to get angry or not?  One thing for sure is you are going to get angry

We’ve talked about that we are on this Journey and that we need a guide – The Holy Spirit.  We said that the fruit of the Spirit is our land marks.  What is the Spirit’s leading and what are the landmarks that we are getting there?

Matthew 26:36-56

          Set the scene – The disciples have been told and prepared for what is about to happen

          Jesus goes to prepare his heart for it

          Judas and the crowd come to arrest Jesus

          One of Jesus’ followers draws his sword and cuts off the ear of the servant to the high priest

          Vs. 56 – all has taken place to fulfill

Most angry moments have a REASON and a little preparation goes a long way

          Jesus had been teaching these guys but they didn’t get it.

o   For the believer there is something bigger is going on than the irritation of the moment

o   They (disciples) were focused on who would be greatest in the kingdom and missed the great issue of redemption for all. – Jesus said he would rise

          We need to be learning to listen to the Holy Spirit’s guiding everyday

o   Understand that there are bigger things at play than the person cutting you off in traffic – the enemy wants to rob you

o   Pay attention to the great purpose in life it will guide your reaction


Our REACTION in angry moments is paramount

          Consequences are real – Foster and Henson

o   In the natural and spiritual

o   Imagine for us if the disciples had been successful in disrupting God’s plan of salvation

          If we have a firm grasp on what is most important (our reason) – we are listening to the Holy Spirit’s leading

o   We should begin to look for land marks in our lives – Galatians 5:22

§  Self control

§  Peace

§  Gentleness

§  Patience

          When you get angry, what landmarks are you seeing?

What God wants from us are the RESULTS of Spirit Led Obedience

          When we begin to make listening and following the Holy Spirit a daily practice and we are looking to display the fruit of the Spirit

o   We will begin to be more Christ-like

o   People will see Jesus in us and our action and thereby be drawn to him

Acts 1:8 – You will be my (Jesus’) witnesses when the Spirit comes upon you


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