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Mary in a Martha’s World

November 14, 2008

I’ve written some relating things to this in the past, but I was just winding down another crazy day to day and Allen Levi’s song came to mind.  I had just turned to Lisa and said, “It’s gets to be 10 PM in no time flat doesn’t it?”.  In my head I could hear Allen singing,

“Slow down, slow down

You’re like some little kid spinning round and round and round

You can lose your sense of balance if you twirl

It’s hard to be a Mary in a Martha’s world”

We have too much, we do too much, we (especially I) talk too much, we think too much.  Unclutter, throw out, be quiet, cut it off, cut it out, sit, breathe deeply.  Watch less tv, sing more songs.  Talk less to, pray more about. Observe more, criticize less.  CHOOSE to have joy, depend less on happiness.

I’m thinking that somewhere in all of the business is where my song-writing has gotten hung up.  I know that in all of the things that clammer for my attention is where I loose sight of God.

Slow down, Slow Down – Worship Jesus not stuff.


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One Comment
  1. Joy is absolutely a choice. All the things you mention are things that require us to make conscious choices. It’s not easy in a world where we are constantly in survival mode and putting out the nearest fire…and I’m talking about my own current crazy survival mode life here!

    Paul tells us he learned to be content whatever his circumstances. Contentment is a choice too. It isn’t always easy, but lots of choices aren’t easy. Ultimately, we are going to choose SOMETHING, so why NOT choose joy and peace and contentment? Sounds simple, doesn’t it. 🙂

    Love you!

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