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Sunday Wrap Up

November 17, 2008
  • Hope you made it out to the Chris Sligh Concert. It was a great time.  The dude can sing!
  • Last night was a great time.  I continue to get more and more excited about ethos.  There is a culture of fellowship and hunger for deeper things of God that is developing that just gets me all hyper!
  • It’s been good to meet all you new folks.  I pray you are feeling at home and that God has some powerful things in store for you!  We’re really excited that you’ve been coming and please make sure you get a chance to catch up with each of the staff if we don’t catch you first!
  • God was really stirring my heart last night in our message time.  All day yesterday God was dealing with me about making sure that my heart was undivided.  That I was sold out and would make a commitment to not compromise the relationship I have with Him.  That’s my prayer for you guys.  Chase Him, take those little steps towards knowing Him more – He’ll meet you there!
  • GET READY FOR STATIC!  It is going to be killer!  It’s not just about noisy TVs.  We’re going to tune in and be a part of the Best Show Going!

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