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Traffic – Do Not Enter – No Compromise

November 17, 2008

Do Not Enter – One way street (The rules/boundaries are there for good reason)

The Problem:

Genesis – Adam and Eve History – they blew it by compromising the rules that were there to protect them

God gave man a choice – Adam and Eve Chose other – So we all are born into a broken state

Jeremiah 17:9,10

Romans 7:14-25 – the “do do” chapter

·         We are human

·         We are sinful

·         Brokenness – history, tendencies, weak foundations

·         It’s all around us – Opportunities everywhere and it’s easy

·         It usually starts small and builds and find yourself in a world of hurt before you know it

·         “Surely you won’t die” the lie of the enemy is the same today – “it’s not that bad”, “No one will know”, “It’s just a little wrong”

The Results:

·         Death – It all collapses – Romans 7:7-13 God set the rules violating them produces death – “the wages”

o   Maybe physical

o   Mostly in other areas

o   Death always occurs – in relationships, trust, positions, etc.

·         Condemnation – John 3:17

o   Jesus doesn’t but humans do a major job

·         People living crippled by compromise and it’s results

o   Shapes their futures

o   Robs them of potential

How to Overcome it:

·         Repent

·         Sense of mission – why am I not going to compromise

o   I know what is in store if I do – Death

o   I know what is in store if I don’t – Life and life in others

o   People are watching – Passion for representing Jesus

·         Choice

o   Faith – taking God at his word

o   Action – Don’t think through or sit and fight emotions

§  Get out and do something

§  Accountability

·         Power

o   Holy Spirit – Be filled

§  Guides into all truth

§  Brings revelation

§  Empowers to walk out choice

“Gonna live the difference, Gonna pay the price

It’s all or nothing no compromise

Gonna live the difference, put my life on the line

This is my generation, I’m gonna fight

It’s time”


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