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Static – Silence Notes

December 1, 2008

Reading from psalms – “Psalm 69”

What was your story? When did you pray and didn’t feel you got any answers?

Hearing is crucial to relationships.  You can’t have relationships if you aren’t willing to share and hear.  You will never know someone’s heart if you don’t stop, pay attention, and hear.

God never meant hearing him to be an issue of Hide and Go Seek


However, it is like listening to anyone else.

l  Selective hearing – Distractions

l  Hearing through world-view – Our terms

l  Blocked by noise


Easy one first – “I am their shepherd and my sheep know my voice” – They are with him all the time.

If you don’t make time and spend time with God, you will never know what his voice sounds like and you’ll never hear it.  There are a lot of people who say they believe in God, but don’t know Him from a hole in the wall.  We have the mindset that He will yell into our lives despite the fact that hearing Him is not our priority and we don’t want to change anything to be closer to Him.


What would you be willing to do if you knew that God of all the Universe, creator of the heavens and the earth, keeper of the secrets of all time, holder of your future, and giver of eternal life would speak to you? Would it change your life?


I know that if we make some effort on our part and begin to look for God’s voice outside of our pre-conceived ideas, we will hear him.


Romans 12:1, 2 principle

l  Because of What He’s done

l  Offer our lives (all)

l  Don’t be like those that worship idols (world)

l  Be transformed by the renewing of your mind (washing, word, worship, wisdom)

l  Then you will know!


Where do we find God’s voice?

His Word

Our Head

Our Heart

Our Fellowship

Our Worship

Our Circumstances

Suggestions – Read your Bible, step out and focus in worship (don’t just sing), ask and listen to believers around you, Journal (quiet time), step out in faith on those little nudges.  PRACTICE



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