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Static – Kinetic Study Notes

December 8, 2008

Football is meant to be active, powerful, aggressive.  It doesn’t work or achieve it’s purpose when it’s not

Every feel like your faith is boring? Ever feel like you are not growing or achieving anything in your walk with God?  It can feel static.

Matthew 28 – make disciples of all peoples – that means that it is about us as well

Faith was meant to be active, alive, kinetic.  It is also an ever increasing growing  forward movement.  As we mentioned in our last series – we are on a journey.  We have choices to make and roles to play in this process that will determine our growth in God and whether or not we live to fullest potential of our purpose in Christ.


For our faith to be kinetic:


We must choose it 

Matthew 4:18-22

Set the stage – Jesus baptized, coming out of wilderness to begin public ministry

Jesus  is preaching through the countryside and encounters these fellas out fishing

He calls to them to come follow Him and He will make them  fishers of men

They choose to put down their nets and follow Him


– We have a choice to make.  He calls, leads, teaches.  Will we follow?

– What does that look like?

– First is surrender – our lives to him

– He sees us as we are (the fishermen) and calls us

– We must put down our nets (old life) and follow for us to become

– Second is follow – coming after him – take on His yoke

– When we say we are followers of Christ that means people who are   learning to be like Him


We must prioritize it

Matthew 24-34

You can’t follow several different things – you will get ripped in two (talk about my business robbing me from my priorities – time with God , family, preparing to teach, and worship)

Verse 25 and following – Since you can only serve one and it is the God who leads and cares for you . . . Do not worry – seek Him first and He’ll take care of what you need.

So . . . Pursue Him above all – the rest will fall in place

You want an answer to your health?  Put Him first

You want an answer to your finances? Put Him first

Your marriage, relationships, children?  Put Him first


We must practice it

John 15:1-17

Remain is the key word here.  Stay where He is – do it.

Vs. 4 you cannot reflect Christ if you do not stay connected  to Him

Vs. 10 Obey Him – practice it and you will remain in Him.  His joy will be in you

What is the high command of Christ related to remaining in him?  “Love one another”

When a kid acts bad in public we often wonder about the parents.

We don’t want people to wonder about our heavenly Father in way that is not true.  So how we treat others, how we remain in Him and live out His commands – reflects who He is to the world


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  1. Helen permalink

    What a great post……it makes me want to come on Sunday nights! I’m gonna get there!

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