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I Beg You

January 7, 2009

I beg you to take the time to watch the sermon I’ve linked to below.  It’s in your face and parts of it may be tough for some folks to hang there with (mostly really churchy folks).  Please hear this man’s heart – “I just want people to meet Jesus”.  I pray that we can each capture some of this kind of passion for Jesus and his church! It’s not about numbers, It’s not about programs, It’s not about buildings, I just want people to meet Jesus.

Please . . . I beg you

“No Perfect People Allowed” – Week 1


From → Faith

  1. Helen permalink

    Scott……..that was an awesome message! I clicked it on at about 9:30 pm and saw that it was 90 minutes long and I thought there is no way this will keep my attention for that long……but guess what…..I could not pull myself away from the computer! Great message! I want people to meet Jesus, too!

  2. Tim Parker permalink

    Pastor Scott. I love you man. I thank God that he sent you and Lisa to us. Now about the video that I just watched in it’s entirety. This is so my heart’s desire. I pray that this area will be impacted for Jesus as Perry has done in South Carolina. His message says it all. For anyone thinking about watching it and have not yet done so. I beg you also! Please please watch it.

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