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True North – Advice

January 7, 2009

True North – Advice

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone can give advice. Have you ever received bad advice?

Have you ever given bad advice? Have you encouraged someone to do something and when they did it it was bad?

Listening to the wrong advice or paying attention to the right advice is huge.

1 Kings – Solomon who was Godly as a king, building his kingdom on God’s law and principles has fallen into sin. So God disciplines him. The nation got divided, Enemies from within and without were raised up against him.

Solomon’s son Rheoboam inherits the kingdom.

The people come to Reho. and petition him to be good to them and lighten the load. Times were tough.

Rehoboam seeks his advisors on how to respond to the people:

1. What is the context or big picture? That will help you assess the advice you are given.

a. Times were tough and people were frustrated with Solomon

b. The advice needs to be in light of what is going on

c. Reho’s advisiors tell him to serve the people and lighten their load – they knew the people were upset and that the times were hard

d. He doesn’t listen

2. How many people are you checking in with?

a. Rehoboam had more than one person’s input.

b. Proverbs 11:14; 15:22; 24:6

c. Every advisor has a bias. Everyone has preconceived ideas. You need multiple perspectives.

i. Having other eyes on a situation often helps you see things you haven’t seen before

ii. Having other people’s thoughts helps keep you accountable

d. He went to his peers – life long insiders J

i. They gave the advice that supported Reho’s power and position

ii. They only see what he sees

iii. You need multiple perspectives

1. Talk about spiritual parenting/mentoring – Elijah and Elisha

2. Some of my mentors that give me varying perspectives (I am 36)- Dad (67), Kenny (56)Joe (41), Jonny (29), Megan (24), Jeffery (20)

e. Final thoughts on advice – Seek GODLY counsel. This is in the context of Authentic Biblical Community.

3. What does the past say? There are consequences.

a. David told Solomon – to follow God and God will bless the nation.

b. God had proven Himself throughout history to be a God of His word

c. Solomon didn’t keep it and there were consequences

Our nation was birthed largely on the values of Scripture. Many of the founding fathers and important figures of American history placed their faith and trust in God.

We cannot expect the blessings of God when we do not faithfully follow Christ.

We need to repent and begin to live lives that display the life of Christ within us.

We need to make decisions in light of God’s word, with Godly Counsel, flowing out of holy lives. Related to our finances, our children, our friends, our nation and it’s leaders.

Solomon’s problems at the end of his reign sound a lot like America. Moral failure, financial and economic pressure among the people, glorifying false gods. God allowed judgment – enemies (within and without), trade problems, and division.

We need to take Godly counsel in our daily life, we need to repent and return to the life God calls us to.

BECAUSE – Greater things are yet to come.


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