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I Dare You To Move

February 4, 2009

God put you here at this point in history.  You exist right now in the middle of where ever you find yourself today. The planet is full of people who have a past, are living in the present, and face futures that you may never encounter or come to know.

This thing is true . . . you can’t stay where you are and survive.  You can’t just hang on to yesterday and expect things to stay the same.  You can’t live in fear of the future and never press onward.  You have to set your eyes on Jesus, press onward towards Him, and allow that to sustain you.

We just moved.  From one house to another. Locally.  Not a big deal.  But we couldn’t stay where we were any longer.  If we didn’t move we would have been without a place to live.  We would have started to have some financial difficulties.  We had to step out and move.

Where are you today?  Is it time for you to move out of where you are and step out into the next leg of the journey so you can live the life God has called you too?  You can’t stay where you are and make it.  I dare you to move.


“I Dare You To Move” – by Switchfoot

“Welcome to the planet

Welcome to existence

Everyone’s here

Everyone’s here

Everybody’s watching you now

Everybody waits for you now

What happens next?

What happens next?


I dare you to move

I dare you to move

I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor

I dare you to move

I dare you to move

Like today never happened

Today never happened before


Welcome to the fallout

Welcome to resistance

The tension is here

The tension is here

Between who you are and who you could be

Between how it is and how it should be


Maybe redemption has stories to tell

Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell

Where can you run to escape from yourself?

Where you gonna go?

Where you gonna go?

Salvation is here”



From → Faith

  1. Sarah permalink

    choreographed a dance to this a few years ago and never did it, i love this song

  2. 5minutes permalink

    That’s pretty cool. PS: domain has expired. Renewie renewie…

  3. Awesome! God is already moving…every day, in every way. Will I move? I love this song. It forces me to reflect and decide! I will move..move into the strong tower of His love! There it is! Love dares us to move! What is our decision? I dare me to move!

    Catch you on the back side. Doug

  4. Sarah permalink

    agreed with 5minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!! it made me sad to see it died.

  5. Thanks for the reply guys! God is moving! I missed the renewal! Fooie! It’s been fixed. Thanks for the heads up Scott! By the way, thanks for all of you guys prayers as we have been moving, with sick kids, and me getting wisdom teeth pulled!

  6. chosen.generation permalink

    “Maybe redemption has stories to tell…Salvation is here” Thanks 🙂

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