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Celebrating Life

February 13, 2009

My Granny Hobbs just celebrated her 90th Birthday.  All of our family has gathered to surprise her for her Birthday.  She has lived an amazing life.  She has spent most of her life pouring it into all of us.  A single mother, only a third grade education, and determination to do what was right for family.  That is something to celebrate.

We spend so much time wanting and striving to achieve things that don’t matter much in the light of eternity.  People are the only thing we will invest in that will have lasting impact beyond death.  Not buildings, not cars, not retirement funds.  These things are important, but they should never recieve our primary focus.  Jesus told us, as I often quote, to love God and love people.  As we celebrate Granny Hobbs this weekend.  Who in your life needs to be celebrated?  Are you celebrating the life you found in Christ every week at church?  Jesus came to bring you life.  Celebrate Life.


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