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Celebrate Love

February 14, 2009

Valentines Day.  One of the higher suicide rates of the year is around this day.  It is a hard time for a lot of folks.  Those who have lost loved ones and those who are lonely struggle as society focuses on relationships during this time.  We need to celebrate relationships.  I know I will definitely be taking Lisa out for a much needed date to honor her and comemorate my love for her.  But more important still is the need for all of us, single and couples, married and divorced, newlywed and widowed, to celebrate love.

For many love is not a happy thought.  Some have been left, hurt, abandoned, and let down.  But what I am talking about is something that goes beyond just mere human feelings and behavior.  I am talking about the unconditional commitment God has made to pave a way for human kind to know Him.  You see, love is not a feeling, a sex act, or an overused phrase.  Love, true love, is a commitment. For those of us who have chosen to follow Christ by faith, we need to celebrate that love, God’s commitment.  We need to remember and celebrate the grace and mercy He gives us as our commitment to Him is always wavering.

If this is a tough time for you, or when you reach a tough time in the “loves” you experience in this life.  I pray that, today, as we observe Valentines day, you would find peace, hope, and joy in the unwaivering, unconditional, love of God poured out to you.  Celebrate His love today.


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