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Celebrate Jesus

February 15, 2009

It’s Sunday morning.  The kids are screaming, you have an argument with your wife, the dog pooped in the middle of the kitchen floor, you’re running late, the car is low and gas, and you haven’t even gotten to church yet. Ok, ok, so that’s what it’s like in my house sometimes on Sundays.  Yeah, I believe that the enemy is at work trying to rob us of the encounter with God in community worship. However, I also believe that we are operating with our priorities out of wack.

What God is after is our heart condition when we obey.  Going to church is not only good, but it is also something God expects.  I also believe, to quote Perry Noble, “that the local church is God’s plan for spreading the Gospel in the earth”. When we gather and worship God together as a community it draws us together, it encourages us, it unifies us, we come in contact with the presence of God, transformation takes place.  It is an awesome thing.  Our times of community worship are a Celebration of Jesus.  Encountering Him will never leave you the same. Encountering Him will allow you to know Him in deeper ways.  Encountering Him as a community allows us to become more of the vessels for His Kingdom that He desires.

It’s not about attending church.  It’s about having anticipation that God is going to meet us when we come.  It’s about coming with others to offer worship to a loving God who passionately desires to be with us.  It’s because of who He is and what He’s done.  It’s not about just going through the motions.  It’s about going for it with all you’ve got because He’s worth it all.

Celebrate Jesus today and never be the same.


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