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Wisdom Part 2

February 17, 2009

Follow the Instructions

After having two wisdom teeth pulled last week.  Which, seriously, took all of 20 minutes.  The nurse came in and gave me some very specific instructions to be followed.  I have heard numerous horror stories about the condition known as “dry socket” that people have gotten because of not following the instructions.  “Dry  socket” is when sometimes instructions are not followed, the clots that form in the hole where the tooth used to be are lost, and the hole (the socket) dries out. PAIN, PAIN, PAIN.  After the pain I had because I waited to long to get my teeth taken care of (see the previous post), I had no interest more of it.

So for the past several days I have walked around with the peice of paper the nurse gave me and I have been checking over and over.  I was supposed to keep the gauze in for a half hour after the procedure, no spitting was allowed, no drinking from straws, and soft food for several days.  I have followed those instructions to the letter.  Not that teeth pulling is a party I want to attend every week, but I have really not had a bad time.  I have found that most people who had dry socket didn’t follow the instructions.

Lesson Learned.  Jesus lays out certain ways for us to live, He is a model we should follow.  If we follow His ways, then we will begin to walk in the life he designed for us.  We will miss a lot of the nasty consequences that come from disobedience. Scripture really houses all of the principles we need for life and Godliness.  Follow the instructions.


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  1. Harry permalink

    (Note from Blog Administrator: This comment has had foul language omitted, but is otherwise unedited)

    ********. You bring up Jesus. What does that have to do with teeth? A dentist told you what to do, you didn’t pray and get the revelation from God how to care for your teeth. In fact, how many literal directions can you ever get from a God created by a roaming nomadic tribe that used the basis of Christianity so as create a stable ruling system? Christianity was changed based on where they traveled and their present situation. They would take what they used to hold true and Catch-22 it. If you don’t believe me look up Babylonian Captivity. Look up Hammurabi’s Code, greatly borrowed from in the old testament. At least 1 aspect of the surrounding civilizations, of their religion, was blended into the soup of a religion we call today Christianity.

    So please. I call the ******** card.

  2. higherplace permalink

    Hi Harry,
    Thanks for the response. I always appreciate it when people are willing to be honest and attach their name and email to their opinion. The Admin posted your comment in it’s entirety and only omitted the expletives. We encourage discussion, let’s just try and keep it in polite language.

    As far as the post goes, I am, of my own personal decision, a follower of Christ. So often in life there are circumstances and events that I draw insight into the things that I believe and hold to be true. I made no assertion that God did or didn’t give me instructions about my teeth. I was simply drawing some parallels to the faith that I adhere to and things that I learned from my circumstances. I find that when I follow the commands and example given by Christ in the scriptures that I avoid some consequences that come when not following them.
    As far as Christianity goes, there is a ton of fine reading to be done and observation of archaeological evidence in reference to the development of the Christian faith.

    I really do appreciate your commenting and would encourage more discussion from you and others who read this post. Let’s just keep it polite and clean.

    Take Care!

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