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Wisdom Part 3

February 18, 2009

Change Your Diet

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled last week and was given some specific instructions (see last post) for the healing process, I had something occour to me that I wanted to share with you guys.

One of the instructions for my post tooth pulling recovery was that I could only eat certain things for the first 36 hours, certain things for the next 48 hours, and could (we’ll talk more about this in a minute) return to a normal diet thereafter.

When we walk through change, tragedy, pain, disappointment, and new seasons we often need to change things we used to do so we can get and remain healthy.  If I had jumped right back into my regular eating habits right after having my teeth pulled, I would have hindered my healing and caused myself some painful damage.

When those times come and we often have to change our diet, our habits and practices for the sake of healing, our tendency is to return to our “regular diet” (the way we used to do things) as soon as we’re feeling better.  The problem is that our regular diet, our old ways, are part of the reason why we were having problems in the first place.

What are the “old ways” you need to change so you can walk in the healing and freedom God designed you for?  I often say, “you can’t lay hold of what’s in front of you with both hands hanging on to what’s behind you.”  We after the root (pardon the pun) issues so that we can become everything God destined us to be.  Don’t just treat the symptoms, don’t just do the temporary fix and return to your old ways, change your diet.


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  1. machthree permalink

    Great insight. The Holy Spirit is revealing some great things to you. See you tonight.

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