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Man plans his ways

February 24, 2009

I heard Pastor John Payton say once, “the steps of a righteous man are ordered by God, but if you don’t step God’s got nothing to order.”

I love that.  We get trapped in the idea that God is just hand holding and pulling us through life into all of the wonders He has planned for us.  I totally agree that God is sovereign and in control, I believe that He works through all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, I believe He is good and it is His good pleasure to give good gifts to His children.  However, I want to make a call to the church,

“Let’s take some responsibility!”

Let’s get away from fire and forget prayers.  Let’s get away from saying we believe God can move mountains, but complain that things don’t go the way we want.  Let’s stop telling the world what they ought to be doing and begin to do what we ought to in our daily lives.

Faith is obedience to the Word of God.  We have to begin to put feet to our faith.  We need to actually live the faith we profess.  We need to step.

I believe that when we muster the faith to step out on the Word of God, then we will begin to see God order things.  Step people, step.


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