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Creativity Part 1

February 25, 2009

I get asked from time to time how I write songs.  I thought I would take a couple of posts and share how that works for me.

I believe there is a difference between song writers and psalmists.  I am more of a psalmist.  Song writers are working a craft or skill.  I believe that to be a God given gift and has a huge place in the Body of Christ.  Psalmists are given songs by God.  In a sense they don’t write songs, songs are birthed within them.

I am not really proficient in figuring out good “hooks” or rhymes in a lyric.  I don’t spend tons of time refining a melody.  Typically, I stumble across a chord progression in my personal times of worship, begin to sing whatever is in my heart, and find that the Lord has given me something to sing.  All of my songs but one have been written this way.  I let you guys figure out which one that is.

My first thought for you guys is that whether you write songs or God just drops them in your lap you must make space for it.  Creativity Needs room to breathe.  If your life is chaos and you never take the time needed to be inspired, you won’t have the depth to draw from.  For there to be an outpouring there must be a source.  You can’t try to be creative, it requires inspiration.  Take a walk, become more expressive in your worship, sing out loud in your quit times, get up early, do something new, read a good book, play with your kids, MAKE SPACE.


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