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Creativity Part 2

February 26, 2009

Are you needy?

If you are creative you are for sure.  Some quotes come to mind: “Drama Queen”, “Artsy Fartsy”, “When the devil was kicked out of heaven, he landed in the choir loft” (I love that one)

It’s so true!  Did you know there is a good explanation for all of the weirdness related to us creative folks?

If you sing, paint, dance, etc., your gift,  by design,  gets to be seen, heard, felt, or experienced.  Being that we live a fallen world where people are broken, many of us come with our creative gifts and NEED to be seen, heard, approved of, etc. to feel like we are somebody or worth something.

Getting our approval and identity by being seen, heard, and so forth is a dangerous thing.  What happens when we do this is that we make it about us instead of our creativity giving glory to God.  We need to submit our gifts and our brokeness to the Lord so he  can shape us into instruments for His glory.  Remember identity comes from knowing and being known by God.  “Who you are is Whose you are”, not what you do and how good you are at it.

Check your motivations.  Do you NEED to be seen? Do you HAVE to sing on stage in front of people?  Are you always concerned about YOUR part?  Remember it’s not about you, it’s about him.  Our creativity is from the creator and is only something worthwhile in His hands.


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  1. omegachip permalink

    That’s a good word my man. And even though personally, I think I have a need to not be seen, when someone does notice, thanks for the reminder that I don’t want them to notice me, but Jesus inside of me.

  2. I loved reading both these posts about creativity. But this speaks to me. I remember very well many times Daddy saying to me (and I’m sure he said it to you as well) “Remember who you are and WHOSE you are.” I am reminded of that still.

    Honestly, even though I am almost 40 years old (YIKES!) sometimes I still find that I have a need to be liked/approved of/accepted. And though it is truly a dangerous thing, as you said, there is that need in most of us to have the affirmation that “they like me! They really really like me!” It is something that I have to check from time to time within myself and say what matters is “God likes me! And HE really really loves me!” And to rest in that and know that my identity is in HIM and no one/nothing else.

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