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Are You Wimpy?

February 28, 2009

I certainly can be.  Not because I am weak, not because I am scared, not because I don’t work out.  Sometimes I am wimpy because I care.

I have been in life’s boot camp of having to make some hard decisions over the last week or so.  It has been difficult for me to make some of these decisions because they affect people.  I know that some people’s roles will change and I want them to feel encouraged and empowered to grow.  At times I will shrink back from a hard decision because it will be received in a way that I wish it wouldn’t even thought it is the right decision.  I always want people to feel good.  I love them and care how they feel. But . . .

Not everyone will like the decisions you have to make.  Right decisions don’t always feel good.  We cannot wimp out.  There is too much at stake.  People are counting on and watching you.  Can you remember when someone who loved you made a decision you didn’t like, but it is what you needed?  We need to press into God, hear His voice, and obey His direction.  It’s not about being popular or liked, it’s about loving God and loving people.  It’s about obedience.


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