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New Church? Please Respond!

February 28, 2009

Here is a link to a post by Tony Morgan at called “the new traditional church“.  It is a phenomenal post.  Please read it and post your thoughts here and there.  I would love get your ideas, I ask the same questions myself.


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  1. John Hobbs permalink

    Hey man. Thanks for that. I will leave two links. One is my comment on Tony’s blog. The other is a post on my blog I think will be helpful.

    If the link doesn’t automatically take you there, you can copy and paste the links.

    Blessings guys! Love you Scott.

  2. Sarah permalink

    i love this. it’s so true. we have gotten trapped in our church buildings. it is so easy to sit in church and be fed and be a fat baby for Jesus but we forget the hungry outside the doors. we need to pour out.

  3. Hey Scott! This is awesome…to see how God is knitting together the body of Christ bringing them ‘out’ from all the corners of the (religious) world, burning in our hearts for the true worship of intimacy. John is speaking to the Church about ‘Rethinking Church’ in his messages and you post as well as Tony Morgans’ posting all tie together! There are many more believers who are desiring the same intimacy in many congregations all over and God is moving. Praise the Lord!

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