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The “R’s” – Part One

March 9, 2009

The “R’s”, at least that what I can them.  At our church, Eagle’s Nest Christian Fellowship, we hold to some core values, based on scripture.  Our Pastor, Bob Weed, has spent a ton of time in teaching these and infusing them in the life of our staff and church community.  Over the next week or so, we’ll briefly cover these and I pray that these are things you can begin to incorporate into your life as core principles for yourself.


Matthew 22:37-40

This is our chief value.  Why?  Jesus himself said that “all the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments.”  Love God and Love People.  Respect isn’t simply an issue of treating people like you should, it goes so much deeper than that.

If we respect God we will:

  • Become a follower of Christ
  • Take His word seriously and live it
  • Love and pursue Him relentlessly as He has loved and pursued us
  • Allow and trust Him to guide and build our lives

If we respect People we will:

  • Love others as Christ loved us
  • Treat everyone with dignity and worth
  • Serve others with selflessness and wisdom
  • Understand that they too are people that Jesus died for
  • SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH THEM in the works we do and with the words we say

Next we will take a look at Responsibility.


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One Comment
  1. Thanks for the Word, my friend! and thanks to your Pastor, Bob, for being a willing vessel with which the Lord may undergird His people with love.

    Love, Doug

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