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The “R’s” – Part Two

March 12, 2009


Matthew 7:1-5

This is a tough one in today’s society.  Typically we are looking for reasons for our circumstances everywhere but within.  It is so much easier to look at the rest of the world and determine how bad it is and blame it for the problems we have.  Jesus is pretty clear to all of us here in this passage in Matthew 7 that we need to own our mess first.  We need to look for our own culpability.  Then we will be able to properly deal with the world around us.  Am I nervous at the tons of spending that our Government is doing?  Yup.  Do I like some of the negative impact of high official’s decisions are financially having on my family? Nope.  But you know what?  I need to make sure that first, I am spending and saving wisely.  Maybe a few less trips to McDonalds and few more meals at home are in order.  Maybe I need to drive out for entertainment less and spend more time at home with my family doing things that don’t cost.  I need to take responsibility for my mess first.

The amazing thing is that freedom comes in the process of dealing with my own mess.  For example, as we have responded to the financial crisis in our country by making better decisions and working harder in our own home, we are able to give more and be more helpful to others who are struggling.  Freedom!

We all need to pray about our lives and take responsibility for our mess.  There God can free us live more abundany lives in him.  Taking responsibility allows us to live more authentic lives in Christ and with one another in community.

During this time of crisis in our nation, the church has an amazing opportunity to be the church God designed us to be.  If we will take responsibility for our lives and our messes, God will free us to have powerful impact for Him!


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  1. You are so right. That is all I can say about that! 😉

  2. Sarah permalink

    this has so been my motto as of late.

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