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What’s Happening to Me?

March 13, 2009

Do you ever ask that question?  You get to a stage in your life and you feel unsettled, lost, anxious about how things are going and whether or not you are doing a good job?  I have been there a few times in my life and one of those times has been lately.

There are a lot of reasons for this feeling.

One is being too busy.  There are a lot of good things out there to be a part of.  There are many good causes to support.  In the church, we tend to equate busyness with godliness.  What happens is that we great spread so thin that we can give nothing 100%.  We wind up giving everything 75% or less and we feel bad about it.  Oswald Chambers says, “very often the good is the enemy of the best.

Another reason for this is caring too much about what other people think about you.  Yup, that’s what I said.  You should never care what other people think as far as forming your identity.  The opinion you need for that is God’s.   However, you should completely care about what other people thinks as far as how they see Jesus in you.  I massively struggle with this and I’m working on it.  When you get all caught up in pleasing everybody, you work yourself to death, you please them all for a while, but then eventually you disappoint everyone because you can’t do it all.  You’re not God.

A final thought on this little idea today; The best way to walk in a stronger assurance and peace in your life is to jealously guard your spiritual life in Christ.  Don’t allow things to distract you from spending time with God.  Don’t just “make time” everyday for this.  Make everyday all about this.  Incorporate prayer into your thought life not just at meal times.  Incorporate “God talk” (speaking about Him and godly things) into your conversations.  Read the Bible.  Spend time with people who love Jesus.  Reach out to people who don’t.

Just some thoughts for Friday.  You can be at peace in all circumstances.  You can stand with a strong assurance even when you face tough stuff.  Do the things that YOU NEED to do.  Listen to the opinions you should.  And take care of your relationship with Jesus!


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  2. Sarah permalink

    love yall, miss yall

  3. Scott!Oswald is the man! Great perspective on today’s life, not just Christian’s, but,people of the world are so busy with attempting to get things done in our human power, that we don’t ‘hear’ God’s preeminent voice. The best that we humans give of ourselves is woefully lacking unless we have the best of Jesus in us and allow ourselves(speaking to Christians, now)to become the dwelling place, a vessel for God’s best… His love poured out for us and through us to all people and guard our hearts in Jesus. Reminds me of the Steve Green song ‘Guard your heart’. Let’s not settle for the good, when we can have the best that God has given!
    Love to all, Doug

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