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Fast Food Church Week 2

April 3, 2009

We Want It Now

Nothing in my house sets off a whine with the kids like the phrase, “not right now”

We are impatient people.  We want things the way we want them and we want them now!

Fast Food Concept. It’s broken.

  • Ever had slow baked, hot from the oven bread? It takes time
  • Ever had spaghetti like mom makes where the sauce is made from scratch and been slow cooked all day? It’s worth it

We’re fooled that we can get real quality and get it quick.  We don’t have enough space in our lives for the truly valuable and beautiful anymore.

The greatest lessons in life are in the times of waiting.  We learn the true value of things when we have to wait for them.

Enemy is robbing people of these things by creating a frenzied life of have it all now.  People not waiting for marriage.  Treating valuable things like garbage because we didn’t pay the price for them.

2 types of people that we can learn from

1. People Who Do and Do Not Hear

     a.       You can do a lot of “godly things” and still not know Jesus

     b.      Busyness is not godliness

True relationship with God comes from knowing him.  “My sheep know my voice”

This was Paul.

Acts 9:1,2 – He was a Jew having kept all the Law as he was supposed to.  But he was wrong.  He didn’t know God.  He was doing the religious practice, but was missing the relationship/truth. “Who are you Lord?”  He didn’t know.

He desperately needed to hear.

Acts 9:3-12 – God speaks to Paul.  He gets a strong intervention from God.

You don’t want that.  I believe God had been whispering and Paul wasn’t listening.

Jesus told Him to wait, Acts 9:5-6

Waiting isn’t just silence.  It most often is a conversation.  You need to talk to God.  Paul did during His 3 days – Acts 3:11

 Paul was praying for God’s instructions – waiting.  God was sending an answer.  Ananias.

If you are unsure what God wants.  Then you need to pray and wait.  You need a word from God.

  • Scripture
  •  Godly counseld
  • Do the last thing God said until he tells you something different

2.       People who HEAR but don’t DO

  •  Accumulate knowledge but don’t put it into practice
  •  Won’t get out of comfort zone to embrace what God is calling them to

Our churches are full of these people.  We sit and listen week after week.  Hearing the challenges of scripture but never putting them into practice.

People fuss over the styles of music or the messages spoken and rely on the paid church people to do the work.  But Jesus calls us higher.

 Paul’s example.

Acts 9:16-20

What a call to ministry.  Nothing glorious here.  Suffer!

He hears from God and immediately begins to practice.

Both of Paul’s examples is the waiting that we need to understand.

  • One is waiting before God to receive. 
  • The second is to wait like a waiter – to do what He says.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  James tells us to be Doers of the word not just hearers.

The church needs to Pray, Hear, and Do what God says.  We are so impatient with God and Lazy in our service. 


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  1. Gail Hargreaves permalink

    This is some good stuff…Thanks for always bringing the word Pastor Scott. Hopefully everyone is taking some time to dive into the word and not just wait until sundays! And if you come to Ethos or know someone who needs to hear some more about worship dont forget about Matt Redmans book!

  2. elimpacific permalink

    Real good points here. Keep up the good work!

  3. i have a very busy lifestyle too, and i would always frequently eat on Fastfoods “~

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