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Effective Ministry

April 15, 2009

Please take time to read this post from my personal blog.  As worshippers and worship leaders, we need to digest this information and live it! Follow the link below.

The Key to Effective Ministry

Love Ya’ll!

  1. Bonny Marie permalink

    GOOD stuff.

  2. tim permalink

    awesome truth in all of those statements. Seek the face of God. Allow yourself to be filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.

  3. Cat =*.*= permalink

    It goes right along with the Fireproof message… you can’t love others until you learn the love of Jesus.
    My daughter asked me if “daddy was my first true love”. I paused so as to answer that with utmost truth and said, “I thought I loved your daddy first but that was before I met Jesus.”

    their quote: “Unless your heart is full of God’s love, you will never have the compassion you need to see people through his eyes”

  4. machthree permalink

    This caught my attention.

    A Move Of God Cannot Be Planned…But It Must Be Prepared For
    -perry noble.

    Read his post here

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