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The Key of Effective Ministry

April 15, 2009

These are some thoughts taken from Carol Cymbala’s book, “He’s Been Faithful”.  These quotes are generally directed about worship music, but have direct application to all areas of Christian life and ministry.

“Our ministry is to lead people to an encounter with Jesus Christ”

“. . . we can’t lead people to God unless we first allow him to fill us with his Holy Spirit and love”

“Unless your heart is full of God’s love, you will never have the compassion you need to see people through his eyes”

“Sometimes I hear people in churches talking about music as though the music itself were the answer. ‘That song really works,’ they say. but no song “works” when it comes to changing people’s hearts.  Only God can change our hearts.  Just because a song provokes an emotional response doesn’t mean it’s working on a spiritual level.”

“I don’t believe that God is looking for songs to anoint.  Neither is he looking for perfect music. If he wanted perfection, he would simply command the angels to sing.  No, what God is looking for are people available to be used by him to spread the gospel and see his name alone glorified.”

“That’s how real ministry happens. Whether it’s a sermon, a small group discussion, or feeding the hungry, the truth is the same. Those who really minister are those whose hearts have been emptied of self and filled with the grace and love of Jesus Christ.’


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