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The “R’s” Part 4 Continued

April 28, 2009


John 13:3-5

It just  doesn’t get any more real than the King of all of the universe stooping down and wiping the mud, grime, camel poop, and general nastiness off of the feet of the disciples.  You want to find out what someone is made of, then watch them when they are in situations that could be considered beneath them.  Do they turn up their noses and get a sour attitude? Do they proceed with a determination to complete the task with excellence and servanthood?  Do they display a desire to obey God in all things? Do they display a compliance instead of obedience mindset? When it’s hard or humiliating . . . it gets real.

We need to learn to be real.  What is real?  Real is being like Christ.  He did the hard thing with a tender heart.  He loves others enough to serve them when they aren’t servants.  He put obedience to His Father above all of the draws and pulls of the world.

If we love God then we’ve got to love what God loves and God loves people.  If we say we love God then we need to keep His commands.  He told us to “Love the Lord our God with all . . . and to love our neighbor as ourselves.”


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  1. machthree permalink

    ‘Doing the hard thing with a tender heart.’ That will be my meditation this week. Great post!

  2. When I think of “getting real” I remember what Bishop Stacey Hilliard says: God is tired of us playing ‘dressed up church.’ When Jesus came into the Upper Room and showed His scars to the disciples, it healed them. Now, we need to show our scars so that some people can get healed, including us.

  3. Scott! another magnificent personification of the real power of the Spirit. This post brings together and completes the first ‘Realness’ message and ‘Effective ministry message from Carol Cymbala’s writings. Realness in life and ministry is all about being Christ like…being emptied of self and filled with the grace and love of Jesus, that’s what enables the believer to ‘do the hard things with a tender heart.’Another words..keeping the main thing real!

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