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Simple Week One

May 6, 2009


Do You Know What YOU Believe?
Not what others say you should believe, but have you owned it for yourself?

It doesn’t seem that Simple does it?
Tonight – Looking at establishing correct and concrete belief – It’s not as complicated as you think
Next week – We’re going to look at how we practice what we believe

According to some research estimates around 809,000,000 people have died in religious wars.
The counting is hazy due to the fact that people haven’t kept completely accurate counts of deaths over thousands of years.

Regardless, there are conflicting beliefs out there. There is a fight out there and you need to establish for yourself what you are fighting for. If you don’t stand on anything or stand for the wrong things you will find yourself in a lot of trouble because it is a fight.

As Christians, we stand on what the Bible says. That is the certain belief that we hold to.

There are conflicting ideas between Christianity and the World:
• John 3:16-21
There are conflicting ideas with Christianity and those pretending to be Christians
• Jude 1:3-4

Belief is not something we just hold on to or think in our minds

  • It is a mindset and heart condition that defines how we live
  • Behavior exposes Belief
  • When we truly believe it will be exposed by our behavior
  • Colossians 1:21-23 – Enemies with God in our minds because of our evil behavior, But we are reconciled to God through Christ’s death on the cross and are being made holy IF we continue in the faith.
  • So what does that look like?
  • Established “Built on” and Firm “Not Moving” from the hope held out in the Gospel
  • Built On – Our Lives are to be built from the Ground up on the understanding that Jesus is God, Born of a Virgin, Lived a sinless life, Died on the Cross for my sin, Rose again from the dead three days later, and is coming again. If I will choose to give my life to God and follow Him, He will fill my life with purpose and I will live forever with Him beyond this life. This idea shapes our perspective and behavior.

                              I was a mess and could not save myself.
                              I am not worth anymore than anyone else.
                              But I am worth everything to God.
                              No matter how difficult things are, I have hope.

  • Not Moving – We make a conscious choice to stay inside the boundaries because we know what they mean and do. Rules in my house. (B/W me and Lisa, with the kids)

                              We know that this “Hope” held out in the Gospel is to be followed “or not moved away from
                              It protects us
                              It frees us

People are always looking for proof. They want security and assurances before they jump in.
There are significant archeological evidences for Scriptural places and people.

However, in the end knowledge alone is not enough. If it were, then smart people would not have a need for significance. 

In the end the adage holds true: Believing is Seeing.
When we choose and follow a world view it works it work. Shaping our outcomes, mindsets, and behavior.

Romans 10:9, 10 – Believe and Confess. Choose and Live

So where do we start?
Read the Book of John and learn the life of Jesus
Scripture is our basis 2 Timothy 3:1-17

There aren’t a lot of hoops to jump through. It is Simply, knowing and following Jesus according to Scripture, and allowing Him to transform our lives.


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