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Essential Week Three

May 19, 2009

The Essential Expectation

Week 1 – Personal Decision to make

–          Prioritize Christ – The Gospel

–          See from Paul’s Perspective – It’s about Jesus – Advancing the Gospel not Ourselves


Week 2 – Things are different for those of us who make the decision to follow Christ

–          God is different than the way He gets portrayed

  • He is supreme and above all

–          God picks different people than people assume He should

  • He doesn’t pick the perfect, religious, or worldly wise – he chooses how He wants

–          We should live differently

  • Our lives are to be founded on Christ – that shapes the whole house and makes it last


We’ve discussed the Corinthian Church had some problems

  • They were divided among their leaders – Paul says that if it’s in Jesus then it’s the same thing – 1 Corinthians 3:21-23
  • They were struggling with non-Christian influences and practices in the church
  • They had some wrong belief

There is a certain way things are supposed to look and function

–          Ever looked at something and said, “That’s Just Wrong!”

–          Like the Lingerie Football League

  • Depravity in its finest
    • Exploiting temptation for profit
    • Making common something that is to be sacred
    • Making mockery of football
  • There is a certain way football is supposed to look and certain purposes that it is supposed to accomplish

–          God EXPECTS his church to look and function in a certain way


Chapter 5 – addresses sexual immorality in the church

–          Watch how you live and what influences you

  • 5:1-2 – Guy is shacking up with his mom
    • They were proud – indication is that they were proud of their “freedom” to live as they please
    • Paul says they should be grieved – Are we about the sin in our churches?
    • He should be disciplined – true love and commitment to growth
    • 5:6 – Believers Continued living in open sin can be destructive to the whole




Chapter 6 – addresses lawsuits among believers

–          Godliness is our standard

  • We look to the world to fulfill our desires “our rights”
    • Kids fighting over who gets the last pop tart – small world
    • We live from a bigger world (eternal) – share, be thankful that we have poptarts
    • We should work things out together as believers in the church
    • 6:7-11 – Care about the bigger picture – We are saved through Christ’s sacrifice and will inherit the kingdom of God – DON’T FIGHT OVER OR GIVE INTO SELFISH PURSUITS – this covers vs 12-18


Chapter 7 – addresses Marriage and Priority of God’s work

–          Keep things in the right order of priority

  • Paul’s perspective – better not to marry
  • Vs 17 – However, we each have a specific place in God’s plan
  • Don’t commit to things in this life that will prevent you from putting God first
  • Vs 29 – Why? TIME IS SHORT – Vs 35 – Live undivided


Chapter 8 – addresses eating food used in pagan worship

–          Live to inspire growth in others not cause problems in weak believers

  • 12 Temples in Corinth to other Gods – sometimes the believers would be invited to feasts at the Temples
    • Food would be sacrificed to these Gods and then eaten in feasts to celebrate those Gods
    • Those Gods weren’t real and Paul says that there is no sin in eating that food
    • However, some of the “new believers” felt that it was wrong to do so
    • Paul tells the stronger believers to not eat the food so that the weak believers would not be tempted to fall back into idol worship
      • Vs 9-13 – READ can be applied to a variety of things in our culture


The Essential Expectation of the Church ~ How Should We Live? Chapter 10:31-33



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