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I’ll Manage

May 19, 2009

I was reflecting the other day of all of the things and people I am responsible for at church and was overwhelmed by how much it can be sometimes.  I’m sure you can look at your life and say the same sometimes.  We get into a mode where we feel like things are too much and we’ll say that phrase, “I’ll manage . . .”

I came to the conclusion, I DON’T WANT TO MANAGE! I don’t want to just make it all work or organize it all.  I WANT TO GIVE!

I don’t want to organize and manage a group of singers or musicians.  I want to give my all to serve these people and give them the opportunity to minister to others.  I don’t want to manage resourses, I want to give of my time, knowledge, and skills to be a part of advancing the Kingdom of God!

I am developing a passion for extravagance.  We have been given extravagant grace, mercy, blessings, LIFE through Jesus Christ!  I want to give extravagantly the life that has been poured into me.

The next time you feel in a rut, overwhelmed, or stressed, don’t manage; figure out how to give.


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  1. helen permalink

    Thanks Scott! That is what we’re really here for – to pour out the portion that God has so richly poured into us! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Hey bro Scott! I’m with you and God is ever present with the faithful. I desire to give extravagantly! just as our friend, Jesus, does for us today. ‘God SO loved the world!’ Blessings. Doug

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