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The “R’s” Part Eight

June 24, 2009


Exodus 20:8-11 – “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy . . .”

I just returned from a week in South Dakota where I was one of the speakers at a camp.  The surroundings were amazing (I’ve never been to the Black Hills before), the ministry was refreshing, but it was the rest that may have saved my life!

I have been running at a break neck pace for a long time now.  Just before I left for this trip, I was having anxiety problems, struggling to complete basic tasks, and I was down right irritable. I needed to rest!  I have mentioned before here and it bears saying again, “if the devil can’t kill you, he’ll keep you busy”.  You know why?  Because you’ll kill yourself spirituall, physically, and emotionally.  Rest is not something that just happens to us!  We must, as Exodus 20:8-11 commands, “remember” and “keep” the Sabbath.  It is a discipline.


We must keep a constant eye on our habits.  We’ve got to acknowledge that if we don’t dicipline ourselves to watch over our schedules and commitments, then they will get out of hand.  So many people plead for our time and attention.  Tasks and emergencies each plead to be number one on our to do list.  Oswald Chambers calls it “the tyranny of the urgent”.  We must remember that rest is a non-negotiable in our lives.


It is not enought to to recognize our need to slow down.  We must choose to do it.  It isn’t just going to happen to you.  I have heard myself say, “I’ll take some time next week”.  And all the while, as work becomes my idol, my relationship with God, my family, and those I’m called to serve gets pushed to the side and I wear myself out.  We’ve got to schedule it and be obnoxious about keeping it.  When Paul tells us to “press on” and “run the race”, what is included in that is proper rest.  You can’t set your eyes on the prize and win the race if you are not taking the time to rest in the mercies and grace of God.

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  1. Saw the FB pics. Looks like an awesome place! and Time on the mountain top! A BIG Amen! Keep the good words coming. Love to all. Doug

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