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Friday with Family

June 26, 2009

We’re cleaning house today and hanging out.  I’m having lunch with a friend and taking the dog to get his shots.  I’m wearing a T-shirt that my kids made for me for father’s day and watching my one year old work on walking.  These are the best kingdom times I’ll experience.


Because these are the kind of times where I get to sow the gospel into the lives of my family.  The times where I invest moments that create memories for my children.  It’s in these regular tasks that they will see Jesus manifested in the everyday things.  I don’t want my children to be hungry for the spectacular spiritual moments.  I want them to be able to stand and live with Jesus in the everyday things of life.

We live in a time where people want to see a spectacular move of God and I believe God is looking for a people in these times that will live spectacular lives of faith in the everyday things.

Do we forget him when things are quiet?  Do we forget him when we are blessed?  Do we curse him when we suffer or things don’t go our way?  Or do we only feel like God is real and moving if there is some spectacular miracle?

Remember the Kingdom is at hand, it is here, it is now.  I want to be the example of Jesus to my family today as we clean house.


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One Comment
  1. Great times of Kingdom living & building! I agree with you and the Word commands us to teach our children in family moments like the ones you are experiencing. This is how faith will be renewed in our nation… through fathers (& mothers) being Jesus in their families…and beyond…to others! Love to all.

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