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Give Your Ear Away Carefully

July 21, 2009

*Note about this post:  It is not in response to anything that is going on or anyone in-particular.  I was just praying about pursuing the calling of God and these are some thoughts that came to me. Enjoy!

One of the things in ministry that has been neat at times and at other times frustrating is the amount of people that want to talk to you.  Now I am not saying that I am at all an ego manic needing a fan club nor am I saying that I don’t want to listen to people who are in need.  What I am simply stating is that there are a lot of people who want to speak into your life.

They do it for various reasons.  Some are genuine and want to just pour out of the overflow of their heart into yours.  Some are needy and are looking for someone to just hear where they are and feel better about it (note for another post here: some folks just want to talk and not really hear about changes they need to make). Some folks want to win you over to their cause and/or get something from you to fit their agenda.  I’m sure there are a host of other ones we could list.

HEAR ME! Give your ear away carefully.  God has a calling for you right now, right where you are.  Who you listen to can greatly affect your obedience to God in what He’s called you to.  Never compromise the vision God has given you on the basis of people’s opinions, desires, or agenda’s.  Listen to the voices of those who you know hear God and have your best interest in heart.

At the end of the day, it is the Lord that you answer to and He alone has the final word on you.  Don’t live for the approval of people because you will compromise in your walk with God. There will always be critics (Perry Noble has a great post about critics here), there will always be people with agendas.  Live to please your heavenly Father because you already have His love and acceptance.


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  1. chosen.generation permalink

    thanks! Sometimes it’s hard to determine exactly who to listen to, because it’s difficult to determine who is really hearing God and who really has your best interest at heart. But I also think that through all the confusion God is whispering to each of us and he will lead us in His way if we will seek Him and wait to hear what he’s saying.

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