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The Cross – "For Us"

July 21, 2009

Galatians 1:1-5

1. “Grace and Peace to you from God” –  That’s a great thing! It is given to us!

1. Grace – Free and unmerited given to us through the sacrifice of Jesus

2. Peace – the state of being that we are in no matter the circumstaces because of what God’s done

3. They are from God and not by men – vs. 1:1

2. “gave Himself for us” – Because we couldn’t do it

1. The Cross is the place of substitution

1. According to scripture when there is sin there is death (Wages of Sin, None righteous no not one, all have sinned and fallen short)

2. There was nothing we could do, we were already condemed

3. The relationship with God was completely broken and could only be perfectly paid for by a perfect sacrifice

4. The death was ours, but he took it as His own

3. “to rescue us” – Because we all are condemed

1. God didn’t condem us, we condemed ourselves

2. Isa. – Thrice holy God (holy, holy, holy passage)

1. Hebrew principle of repeating adjetives (verily, verily) Isa. is the times important

2. The only way we who are utterly sinful can get in touch with a God who is utterly holy is for us to be made holy (be holy as God is holy, be perfect) Leviticus 20:26, 1Peter 1:15-17

3. This is impossible for us, our righteousness is as filthy rags, if we could do it then we would have fulfilled the law

4. this was done by Jesus taking our punishment, paying for it, and leaving us the door into the Kingdom out of this “present evil age” by faith in Christ – As we surrender to Christ it is His holiness and perfection that resides in us and provides us the access to our Father.

4. “according to the will of our God” – Because He wanted us

1. According to the will of our God and Father – He desires for us to be with Him.  To be His to know Him.  To be His children.

2. The cross was not about an angry God at sin, but about a God who is passionate for people to be rescued!

3. He is for us.  The cross is the shape of God’s heart.


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