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Give Your Time Away Carefully

July 23, 2009

Only 24 hours. That’s all the time we get each day.  Your going to spend some of it in the bathroom, some of it sleeping, some of it eating, some of it walking or driving, some of it doing important things, some of it wasting time.  It goes quick and before you know it your kids are grown and you’re getting older.

It is fleeting and precious. Time.  Every moment is priceless.  Being that you’re not guaranteed any of it, any bit you get makes it some of the most expensive stuff there is.

What are you doing with yours? Living like you’ve got an endless supply?  Hoarding it and hiding hoping it won’t end? Spending it all on yourself?  Never taking some for yourself? Hanging with God at all? Blowing on frivolous ventures? Saving the world but ignoring your wife and kids?

Give that time away carefully.  Live the abundant life in Christ to the full!  However, trust God with the time you get and spend it on the work He gives you.  In our culture, I believe it is one of the major tactics of our enemy to get us to devote our time to things that distract us from the things that matter most.  The Gospel, Family, Rest, Relationships, Social Justice. (See my posts on the “R’s”)

Everybody gets time, but we never know how much.  Pursue God with it and don’t waste it.


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