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Slow Down But Never Stop

August 17, 2009

I was in a discussion with our Senior Pastor recently where we were talking about an issue that needed to be handled. He made a comment that I thought was paramount related to our mission as a church. He was reffering to making sure we respect people (one of our values) and have grace for them to grow and come with us as we passionately pursue the mission God has given us as a church. He said, “We’ll slow down, but we will never stop”. I was reminded of when Jacob was headed back to meet Esau, he paced the journey so that none of the sheep would miscarry. He slowed for what was necessary but continued his journey.

We must remember that obedience to God is paramount and that loving people is part of that. However, if you have to stop what God has told you to do to just to please people to the detriment of all of the others you are called to serve or the mission God has given, you need to keep moving. Slow down and invite them to come with you, but never stop. We must walk with people. That means slowing down sometimes, sometimes we can run, but never stop. See Luke 10:27. Love God, Love People. Scripture also says that love for God is to keep His commands. Paul tells us to RUN the race as to win the prize!

Reach out to all on the way. Call out to the lost to come home. Serve those in need. Humble yourself and carry your cross. Keep moving!


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