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4 Fears

October 7, 2009

Fear paralyzes us from the move of God.  All through out scripture we are told to fear not.  We know that God’s perfect love cast out all fear.  Here are four fears we commonly face everyday.

1. Failure – This fear is a lie that tells you that God can’t help you and that you’ll never measure up to peoples standards.  We forget that in Christ we have already met God’s standard and His standard is the only one that eternally matters.

2. Future – This is a lie that tells you that God doesn’t have your future in His hands and that he won’t guide you.  We forget that the scriptures tell us that “the steps of a righteous man are ordered of God”.  God also says that “He knows the plans He has for us. . . plans to prosper (us) and not to harm (us), plans to to give (us) a hope and a future.”  We can trust in Him who has our future in His hands when we are in His hands.

3. Past – This is a lie because of what you have done and been before today you are disqualified from God’s amazing grace and blessings today.  The truth is, all of us have a past (and a present for that matter) that render us unqualified for anything good.  BUT! In Christ we have become the righteousness of God and have been made holy as He is holy. When we receive Christ God receives us as He receives His own Son.

4. Comparison – This is a lie that tells us that others are more worthy than us.  It tells us that we will never be worthy because someone else is better than we are.  A good family friend of ours says, “Whenever you compare, you lose”.  The truth is you can’t be anyone else and no one else can be you.  On the other side of someone else’s beauty are issues you wouldn’t want and they wouldn’t want yours.  BUT! In Christ, we are all priceless and of infinite value.  God paid the highest price for your life – His own.

Have no fear! God is in love with you, interested in you, has amazing plans for you, and compares you to no one except His Son.

Jonathan David Helser says this. “God wants to roar through your heart, roar through your life. So, just get over your fear, and let’s roar!”


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  1. What do we have to fear since the perfect love that casts out fear is what drives him to chase us so relentlessly until he has completely captured our hearts? I think if we really understood this kind of love we COULDN’T be afraid anymore. Seriously, this love is stronger than death! It is so much stronger than the fears that bind us. “18There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

     19We love because he first loved us.”

    because he loved us first!!


  2. Doug permalink

    Scott, my brother! Your post is right on target! A seven fold AMEN!!! and Meg’s comment is right on as well! Grace and peace. Love to all

  3. steve permalink

    Great word my man!! LETS ROAR, we fear so we hold back,yet he wants to show himself in way that would overwelm us with his,i think thats what we fear,what he actual has in store for us.So we hold back!! Send ME,use Me!!!

  4. haleyedens permalink

    so in school…i have been learning alot about fear, and what the difference in the fear of the Lord is, and the spirit of fear…and dude, once i started to understand that the fear of Lord is to be in “reverence and awe” my whole world has been changed!! so much freedom!
    i love you guys and miss you tons!

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