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Authenticity verses Mimicry

October 28, 2009

I came across this quote by John Mark McMillan today while I was studying and praying through the idea of worship.

“I’m not at all against traditional expressions of worship (btw I consider most “contemporary” expressions still to be incredibly traditional), but I am against the stupid idea that these expressions are any more “correct” or “Biblical”. Our common expressions, even the most traditional, still look relatively nothing like those of the bible… and that’s OK because “it” (whatever “it” is) seems to be more about the level of our authenticity, not the precision of our mimicry.” ~ John Mark McMillan

Being a worship pastor, I am often confronted not only by people in churches but also in my own heart with our perceptions of what worship is and how we practice it in our modern construct.  I get so frustrated sometimes and the level of conviction we develop over styles of music and worship expressions and how we wound one another in the process.  Let’s remember that God is looking for “whatever we do” (Colossians 3:17) that we do it with an authentic heart to glorify His name, not that we mimic perfectly some other churches method.  We can look like the highest and best but be just as lost on the inside.  God’s looking at our hearts (I Samuel 16:7).


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  1. Wonderful reminder! Thank you!

  2. greentub permalink

    This is an excellent word. It’s the heart, the heart of the matter. Thank you.

  3. Tim York permalink

    I think you might have said this yesterday but not sure. It seems to me that if we are not careful we can begin to worship our “expressions” of worship and not our Creator.

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