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Facing the Wall Sermon

November 4, 2009

One of the books on worship (aside from scripture) that has had the most impact on me as a worship leader has been “Facing the Wall” by Don Potter.  Below is a link to the the message I shared this past Sunday at church on the subject of worship entitled “Facing the Wall”.

Why do we worship? What should it look, sound, and feel like? What are the results of worship?

Sermon Audio

Sermon Notes

  1. Beaty Bass permalink

    I have to agree. One of the single most influential books/teaching series on me as a worship leader!!!

    • Thanks for the reply Beaty. It’s good the hear from you. We love all of our Greenville, 622 related folks! Jonathan Helser gave me that book an number of years ago and I’ve read it several times and I still draw a ton from it. Bob Kauflin’s book, “Worship Matters” has also been a tremendous resource for me. He has a section in his book about the mediation of Christ and the work of the cross in worship that is worth the whole book.

      Take care Buddy.

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