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November 7, 2009

So often we live as if to expect that the move of God, the voice of God, the power of God in our lives will just happen to us.  We get frustrated saying, “God is silent.” or “God is absent.” or “God doesn’t seen to care.”  But the issue, almost always, is us.

We must be intentional about our relationship with God.  It’s about choices.  It’s about the right priorities.  If we choose to make time for scripture, prayer, and worship.  We are in position to hear God, feel His presence, and be refreshed to walk in His power.

How can you create some space in your life this week to be intentional with God?  What items need to go down the totem pole so God can be at the top?


From → Faith, Thoughts

  1. Tim York permalink

    the Almight God needs to be top priority. I will move some things down the totem pole this week and make time to talk with Him. On another note Rita Springer’s song Phenomenon song is great check it out here.

  2. Melissa Shettleroe permalink

    thanks for the reminder! needed to hear that this week.

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