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Repentance, Hunger, Expectation

November 12, 2009

I was having a conversation with someone this morning and we were discussing our desire for God’s move and presence among our church, the Body as a whole, and the nations.  As we were sharing I was reminded of some of the things we see or often come before God’s move.

Repentance.  Part of us beginning to walk in the freedom we were designed for is for us to pray and turn from our wicked ways as the scripture says.  When we are hung up on ourselves, harboring sin, and living in self reliance, it becomes a hinderance to our being a part of the move of God or sensing His presence.

Hunger. Simply, we must desire it.  As humans, we are so easily caught up in fleeting and short lived satisfactions.  We give in to the desires of our flesh and shelve the hunger of  our souls.  There is so much in scripture related to us choosing the things of God – wanting them.  “Set your mind on things above”, “Clothe yourself with Christ”, “Believe”, “Where your treasure is there is your heart”.  If we want to encounter God in deep and fresh ways we must want it.

Expectation.  Do you believe?  Do you believe God can? Do you believe He will?  Faith.  Without it we will only see with our natural eyes.  When we live with the expectation that God is present and moving, we will begin to encounter and see His move much more often.  It is an issue of concrete perspective.  It starts with choosing to declare that God is who He says He is and continues in declaring that He will do what He says He will do.  The more we choose to see things from God’s perspective the more we will see things that way.

What would happen if today in your quiet time, or at your Bible study, or this week at church, or just plain out in public somewhere – if you would repent of your own sin and lack of belief, hunger and desire for God’s presence more than anything else, and actually believe that He will meet you there?  Try it.

One Comment
  1. In my own journey so far I’ve found it very natural to avoid doing these things in my own pain, falling prey to the trap of selfishness. I think the world revolves around me and that god should have pity on me in my pain. Consequently I fall deeper and deeper into self centeredness, becoming more miserable as I spiral downward. This misery continues to increase until I realize I am causing my own misery through my own selfishness. It’s then that I stop, repent of my selfishness, begin to feed my heart with the truth of the scriptures and begin to expect the goodness of the Lord to be evident to me AS I BELIEVE what he has promised! Then and only then does the Lord do tremendous renovation within my heart. And when he does that, I begin to SEE the truth of his word poured out before me. It’s good stuff, and I only wish I were wise enough to always bypass the selfish part and remain where I should be!

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