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Christmas Displays

December 1, 2009

Here we are again.  It’s that time of year where the decorations come out.  It seems to get earlier every year.  Lisa and I actually decorated the week before Thanksgiving this year because we would be out of town at relatives over the weekend.  It’s also that time when the “War on Christmas” stuff hits the news again.  Town halls pulling down nativity scenes.  Schools outlawing the use of the word Christmas.  And the religious community, some of it at least, goes nuts over it.

There is a war on Christmas.  However, I want to submit that it is one that is internal in the believer.  It is not one in city hall or the school board meeting room.  I think one of the biggest problems in the church is that we don’t make a display of Christmas in our personal lives year round.  We fight with people about putting up our decorations and we feel holy because of it, but then we’ll go out to eat and be rude to the waitress, ignore the hungry people next door, and harbor unforgiveness towards family and neighbors.

We need to fight the real fight.  We need to recognize that this is a spiritual fight against darkness.  It is a fight against sin that “so easily besets” us.  It’s a fight against the desires of our sinful nature that lead us to live lives that don’t look like Jesus.

Let’s start making a real display of Christmas.  Year round in the way that we live our lives.  Let’s decorate this tree, it’s Biblical, “clothe yourselves with Christ”.  That’s the kind of Christmas display that really makes a difference.  If we want to celebrate what the birth of Christ is about.  Then let’s live out and carry out the mission that he gave us.  Love God and Love People.


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  1. Jan Stevenson permalink

    Scott, Wow, that was such a nugget of truth that should hit home with all of us; i know it certainly did with me, and i thank you for it!! God looks into our hearts year round, and sees how we live for Jesus. This season is a reminder for all of us of how God started his plan of salvation, but the rest of the year shows what we do to live it out!! Thank you and God bless!! Jan

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