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How about your Christmas plans?

December 22, 2009

Christmas is a great time to develop some family traditions to instill values, create memories, and worship Jesus!

Here are a list of some of ours in recent years:

  • We always buy an ornament for each family member – usually related to something from that year like a sport played or event that took place
  • We normally watch the “Christmas Story” movie marathon on TBS
  • We spend a lot of time of the phone with extended family as well as travel to see them
  • We make a lot of crafts with the kids
  • Our children make gingerbread houses and men and decorate them
  • We attend the Christmas Eve service at Eagles Nest Church to celebrate communion, read the Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth, and close with Silent night
  • We also give extra and participate in some service to the needy in our community with our children

What are some of your traditions and family celebrations for this time of year?


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  1. Great family traditions you’re creating and have created! Here are some of ours;
    *Susie and I do the outside lights together.
    *We hang our stockings as a family. Altogether, we open them on Christmas morning…then other gifts.
    *Matt and I have a nutcracker collection that comes out and we set up with the family.
    *Christmas Eve dinner at Leah’s with the family.
    *Reading Luke 2:1-20 with my son and brother’s, gathered with the family.
    *Christmas morn stollen (bread) and breakfast.
    *Helping others have Christmas by giving a lighted
    tree, inviting to a meal, giving for children’s
    *Selecting a live tree as a family and then decorating as a family. Remembering all the ornaments, who gave them, when they were given, etc.
    *Watching, White Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carroll, Christmas Story, The Nutcracker and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.
    I could go on for awhile; last, we worship Jesus and remember loved ones and look forward to seeing more friends and family during the Christmas season.

    Hope to see you this Sunday in Wilmington, NC.
    Blessings..Merry Christmas

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